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SharperMate was designed by a team of entrepreneurs who saw the need for an at-home, convenient sharpening system. With their many sets of knives at home and the packages they took to work with them, they needed to keep their high-quality knives razor-sharp. In their kitchens, quick, efficient, and clean cuts are a top priority. SharperMate’s compact, safe, and portable design was the result of many a kitchen debate. We hope you find SharperMate’s quality sharpening as amazing as we do.

Increase Your Safety and Efficiency, Save Time and Money

What can anyone do with dull knives? Not much. Having a kitchen full of dull knives can be frustrating, especially when you have so many different knives. From your Kitchen to the Tool Shed, SharperMate will sharpen over eleven kinds of knives. Its compact and safe design will save you space and keep you safe from accidents! Sending knives to a professional sharpener can cost you up to $75 and may take up to two weeks! We know you won’t regret taking SharperMate home today!

Why SharperMate?

SharperMate has been designed and manufactured with elbow grease and hard work. Many months of entrepreneurial testing has produced this all-in-one sharpening solution for every knife from your kitchen to your tool shed. Sharp knives are safe knives. You won’t be disappointed!

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With your SharperMate Kitchen Package, we hope you’ve received everything you need to keep your knives sharp. Questions? Feel free to call or email us anytime.

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